Spring is a Great Time to Sell Your House, but Are You Ready?


Spring is the normal time of year where Home Sellers think is the best time to put a House on the Market. But wait, is Your House Ready?   Is this the Best Time for You to Sell?Here are a few points to help you make the decision: Spring in Louisville, Bruce Moore, Realtor

1. Gauge the Real Estate Market

Your local Realtor can provide you with the statistics not only in the Louisville area but right down to your neighborhood to see what the market is doing.  Is there a glut of houses for sale in your area?  How long are houses sitting on the market?  What is the average home price?  And are the houses selling at or near the asking price?

2. Spring Clean Your House

Decluttering, painting, cleaning and yard work may seem like obvious things to do but you would be surprised by how many Sellers don’t do them. And yes, it takes time but not decluttering your house may be the worst offense that home sellers commit.  If you have a basement or a garage, this is perfect place to store boxes of things.

Louisville Real Estate Seller Tips, Bruce Moore, Realtor

3. Home Staging

While cleaning your house is an absolute MUST, Staging is somewhat optional but can make all the difference in selling your home, and selling it quickly. Here are some Tips for Staging Your house Effectively.

4. Have an Exit Plan

Your house could sell fast and depending on the terms of the contract you might have to find a place fast.  Even within a month.   Are you ready to move?   If you are looking for a house to buy, the timing can be very tricky here. Check out these Moving Tips


So, the question is…. Are You Ready to Sell Your House? I can help you make that determination.

Call me anytime! I’m always happy to help.

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Selling Your Home? Make it Shine with Home Staging

We’ve all heard about ‘Home Staging’, right? Well, it really does work! Preparing your house before it is ever shown can be the difference between selling it quickly at the right price and having it sit on the market for 8 months. There are professionals that you can hire to really dress up your house but here are some basic, common sense things that everybody can do:

Staging a home for sale

1. Thorough Cleaning! Duh! Who wants to buy a dirty house?

2. De-clutter. Move the dust collectors, excess kids’ toys and other stuff to storage while you are showing your house.

3. De-personalize. The goal is to create a blank canvas so the home buyer can envision their own ‘stuff’ in your house. Box up the family photos and other mementos for the time being.

4. Neutral colors. The home needs to appeal to both men and women. Having a pink and fluffy bedroom might be your style, but the husband may not be able to see beyond it.

5. Repairs. That small hole in the wall may not bother you but it can be a major turnoff to potential buyers.

6. Curb appeal. Remember the old saying…you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression? Well, the front of your house is the first impression a buyer gets. If it’s junky or dirty, the buyer may have that feeling about the whole house. Sweep, clean, repaint the front door. Make it pretty!

There are tons of things you can do to make your house appealing to a buyer. Here are a few more tips:

Can’t Miss Home Staging Tips

21 Home Staging Tips

Ready to sell your Louisville home? Call me, I’ll help you stage it to sell quickly!

Bruce Moore, Realtor
RE/MAX First
Louisville, Kentucky

ABR – Specialist in working with Home buyers.
E-Pro – Specialist in using the latest Technology to help buyers find and buy their dream home.
IRES – International Real Estate Specialist
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