What does the new FICO model mean for Home Buyers?

The new FICO scoring model goes into affect this fall and it’s good news for home buyers looking for a mortgage!

According to this article by NYTimes.com:

One big change is that FICO will no longer weigh Medical Debt as importantly as before. So, if your credit is mostly good with a few dings due to unpaid medical bills, your score will likely go up by quite a few points! If the increased score is good enough, it could mean the difference in qualifying for a mortgage or not. It’s also likely that your higher FICO can qualify you for a better interest rate.

FICO Model Home Buyers, Bruce Moore, Louisville Realtor

Why the Change?

“We found that for someone where medical collections is their only derogatory, it is not as negative as a regular unpaid collection would be,” said Anthony Sprauve, a FICO spokesman. “So we adjusted the algorithm.”

Also, many times “medical bills ended up in the hands of collectors because of a billing error or some other confusion about what should have been paid by health insurance.” This unfairly dings your credit score.

What’s the Catch?

Mortgage Lenders tend to drag their feet when it comes to adopting new FICO models. Sometimes it takes years for them to actually apply the new rules.

The Bottom Line?

It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

What do you think about the new rules?

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