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Very affordable well maintained ranch style house in Holly Hills that features new carpet, paint and a recently professionally finished basement and 3 full baths! The backyard is great for kids and/or pets and fully fenced. Featured extras in the house includes a whirlpool tub, new AC and a basement that has been pre-wired for ultimate movie viewing! Holly Hills is one of the most convenient and in demand subdivisions so please make an appt today! Basement also features an extra bedroom or office.

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Average home price up in 05 Highlands

The Average price for a house being sold in the Highlands (South of Eastern Parkway) has been up over the past 4 years.    As you can see by the chart below the figure is the highest since 2008 (Not graphed here but at over $245,000)   I will be posting  Stats on Zips on a regular basis so you can see the trends depending on the Neighborhood you live in.    Have a house in this area?   Maybe a good time to sell?


Stats for Home Sales from Jan – Oct each of the past 4 years

When it comes to potential home buyers, it’s a small world after all

It used to be that potential buyers for your home would be families from the area looking to move up or those locating from another state. However, with today’s global community, your buyer could be from China, India, or somewhere in South America. The international community is turning its focus (and funds) to the U.S. housing market. Why the foreign interest in American properties and how can you capitalize on it? Read on to find out. 

Ready to sell? Go global and local!

If you’ve worried that the market for your home will suffer because of a still-sluggish U.S economy, take heart. You may find the perfect buyer on the other side of the globe!

International buyers are buying up homes in the United States in increasing numbers, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. Low housing prices, pent-up inventory of properties, and a favorable exchange rate make the U.S. housing market extremely attractive to foreign buyers looking for vacation homes, investment properties, or primary residence to establish themselves in this country.

And you don’t have to own a mansion to attract a foreign buyer. In fact, forty-five percent of international purchases were for properties less than $250,000. Of course, higher priced properties — $250,000 to $500,000 are also attractive, as international clients are usually wealthier that domestic buyers.

Many foreign buyers are using their American purchases as their primary residence, with about 66 percent of international sales going for detached, single-family homes. About half of the purchases are in suburban areas and close to 25 percent are in urban settings. While Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas account for fifty-one percent of international purchases, it’s no surprise that Florida has been the fastest growing “foreign investor” area. About 26 percent of foreign purchases take place in the sunshine state. The real estate market in Miami (and all of Florida for that matter), is in a boom as international buyers look for vacation homes in the “sunny south.”

However, just about any area can be attractive to this buying segment. In fact, U.S. housing prices overall have started to recover some because of the global community. And that’s good news for Louisville sellers as well. Immigrants have always looked favorably on our city, and many of them see homeownership as key to being accepted in the community.

Bring the world to your door

If you feel your home may have international appeal, let a local realtor guide your choice. Selling to an international buyer has its challenges, including possible cultural and language barriers. That’s why so many foreign clients work with a Realtor®. Realtors who serve international clientele know what obstacles foreign buyers face when buying U.S. properties, and they have the expertise and knowledge to make the transaction a positive and lucrative experience for both the buyer and the seller.

As an International Real Estate Specialist, I am very comfortable buying and selling to clients across the globe. And I know how the housing “system” works in other countries. I would be happy to use my expertise in international sales to bring a much wider audience of potential buyers to your doorstep. Please call me at 502-640-6861, and let’s discuss your options and opportunities –both local and global!

Bruce Moore, Realtor
Remax 100, Inc.
Louisville, KY
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The sure-fire way to increase the value of your house

“Buy low and sell high.” Those words of advice apply not only to the stock market, but also to the housing market. Whether you’re looking to move up to your dream home or sell a condo your family has outgrown, you can tip the price scales in favor with one simple act

Get involved in your local community.

Yep, you can almost count on more money in your pocket when you sell IF you take an active interest in the people and events in your neighborhood. How? Here are some simple ways to get involved:

Join your neighborhood association or volunteer to serve on your condo board.  Both organizations will welcome you with open arms! You’ll find out a lot about what goes on behind the scenes (get the good and bad info first!), and you’ll have a chance to set policies that can boost property values down the road.

Join your community on Facebook. It’s a great way to stay involved with your neighborhood, especially if you don’t have time to serve on the board. However, make sure your Facebook (FB) page administrator keeps the site locked/closed. While FB is a great way to share information and spread the good news about your community or complex, it’s inevitable that you’ll have at least one or two “whiners” who will do nothing but badmouth the area and criticize those who are trying to improve your neighborhood. Negative comments could have a negative effect on home values, even if the comments are not valid. Let your homeowners’ association deal with these issues outside of the FB forum, and make sure your administrator monitors the pages and comments to keep an upbeat tone.

Keep the good in and the bad out. Promote and encourage good businesses in your area by patronizing them and talking them up to others. And take a stand against businesses that can hurt your resale value – yes, that would include the tattoo parlor that wants to move in next door! Remember, you ARE judged by the company “on your street,” even if that company is not related to you.

Pay attention to foreclosures. Often, foreclosed properties are neglected until they are resold. You can help ensure the property is maintained (appearance counts!) by cutting the grass, pulling weeds, or notifying the property manager if an empty condo needs some TLC. Nothing drags down property values faster than a shabby looking home or condo in your neighborhood. Although it’s not your responsibility to look after orphaned homes, you’ll reap the rewards (and suffer the consequences) of the property’s appearance.

Start a local farmer’s market. Fresh local produce draws potential buyers to the area and signals that “these folks work together and care about quality.”

Offer to help elderly/handicapped neighbors. Long-time residents who can’t get around easily will welcome the assistance, and being a good neighbor has advantages for you as well. Folks who are home most of the day are more likely to spot odd behavior or problems in the neighborhood or on your property, they give the area stability continuity, and they can “repay” you by signing for packages when you’re not home (a good way to keep things from “disappearing from your front door”). And, unless they have serious physical limitations, they usually keep their homes looking nice.

Make friends with a realtor. Find a local realtor you feel comfortable with and ask him or her to keep you updated on sales, pending sales, and possible foreclosures in your neighborhood. Think of it as a barometer of how the area’s doing overall. Is it a place folks will want to move to (and give you top dollar when you sell?) or is it starting to lose its appeal? A good realtor can help you keep tabs on the “financial health” of your home and the homes around you – a key factor in keeping your price “up” and problems “down.”

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