Goats and Gardens… the Variety of Louisville Neighborhoods

Goats and Gardens… the Variety of Louisville Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods within a city can be as different as countries are in different part of the world, despite the geographical closeness. Louisville, Kentucky is no exception.

If you compare the Highlands with the Lake Forest Subdivision, both in the Greater Louisville area, what you see will tell the tale.

The Highlands of Louisville, Louisville Realtor Bruce Moore

I live by a grocery store in the Belknap neighborhood (of the Highlands) which I walk to on a pretty regular basis.   On the walk, I can hear the unmistakable sounds of a goat.  Chickens are also pretty common in this neighborhood.  I even saw a small horse one day.   The Highlands area of Louisville is very urban with houses and shops crammed together pretty closely.  People have gardens in front yards, some in the back yards, rain gardens, koi ponds, etc.

I was out on a showing in another area of Louisville that was completely different.   Very suburban with most of the houses built during the same year and everyone had manicured lawns.

When scheduling a showing in the neighborhood, the Listing Realtor apologized for the next door neighbor’s house right away since… gasp… they had a huge garden in the backyard.

Indian Springs home, Louisville Realtor Bruce Moore

I went to the house expecting to see some ugly overgrown garden that had not been taken care of for years but what I found was quite the contrary. This garden was a masterpiece.  Beautifully cared for and extremely neat and tidy.  It took up the whole backyard but apparently this was just not within the rules of the neighborhood.

To each his own! It just goes to show you that everyone has a different idea of the ideal neighborhood to live in. If you like an eclectic mix of people and homes, choose a neighborhood like the Highlands. If, however, you prefer perfectly manicured lawns and matching mailboxes, then maybe suburbia is the right place for you to buy a home.

Either way, Louisville has it all to offer!

Let me help you find Your Perfect Home in Your Perfect Louisville Neighborhood!

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