Are Real Estate Agents Salesmen or Consultants?

Are Real Estate Agents Salesmen or Consultants?

I stopped by Kingsley Meats in Louisville last night to pick up some seafood for dinner and noticed a table set up with a young gentleman sitting behind it who was asking people as they walked in the door if they would like to fill out a form to win a $100 Gift Certificate, no obligation.

I said, sure why not!   While I was filling out the form, he started a very canned sales presentation that included the dreaded “one answer trap” question that I hate so much.   You know, when a salesman asks you a question that there is only one answer for like “Do you like to save money”?   The question is not only a trap but it is also super insulting in my opinion.

Louisville Real Estate, Bruce Moore, RE/MAX First

I just glared at him and he went on with his sales pitch (This one was for the Louisville Courier Journal newspaper) and I cringed as I filled out the form because he continued asking more of these types of questions.  Eventually I walked away and felt like I had just been conned.

I noticed that other people’s reaction was the same way as he hit them up with the same sort of canned presentation.   I watched and listened and noticed how people walking in the store were in a good mood but their mood turned sour after having to listen to him.

How is this related to Real Estate Sales?    Well it is not really.  Except that many Realtors use this tactic to gain new clients.  Realtors should be your consultant working alongside you to make sure you make good sound decisions based on professional knowledge.  Sure, real estate agents have to make commissions but not based on forced sales.

Louisville Real Estate, Bruce Moore, RE/MAX First

After all, as a Realtor, I am hoping to  eventually sell that house you are buying so I have a vested interest in your happiness with my services.

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RE/MAX First
Louisville, Kentucky

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