True story…

Bruce Moore’s assistant, Annette here.

Years ago we bought a great home in the country. Closed the deal, moved in, all was great. Until about a month later. It’s early November and the temp had dipped enough to turn on the furnace. Heard it kicking on and it just ran and ran but it never actually started blowing. We looked at the furnace – didn’t really know what we were looking at but you know, go kick the tires and see if that helps.

Finally, I hand my husband the flashlight and send him in the yard to check out the propane tank. I see the light bouncing around in the bushes and finally he comes back out and says ‘Where’s the tank? I thought it was over there.’  I go in and look, sure enough, no propane tank.

Turns out that neither Realtor in our transaction had much experience with propane. (No, Bruce was not one of them). Our Realtor thought the gas went with the house, the listing agent assumed it belonged to the Sellers. The Sellers canceled their account with the gas company and there went our tank and our heat.

Moral of the story….. don’t assume anything! And keep electric heaters (and a flashlight) on standby.

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RE/MAX First
Louisville, Ky

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