Biggest Mistakes Homebuyers & Sellers Make

HGTV kindly compiled a list of the Biggest Real Estate Mistakes we all make. Here’s a condensed list of the worst offenders:

Buying a home for the decor – Keep in mind, the furniture won’t be there when you move in. Buy a house for the solid bones, not the fluff.
Buying an odd house – Chances are, you won’t stay in the house forever. That odd little quirk you love so much may make your house harder to sell down the road.
Weird house
Not researching your agent – Please please please don’t hire your nephew with the new real estate licence to represent the biggest purchase of your life. Always hire a seasoned professional Realtor.
Not using a real estate agent – I know you think you can save a ton of money by selling the house yourself but study after study has shown that in the long run it actually costs you more money than hiring a Realtor.
Buying the most expensive home in the neighborhood – Never a good idea. If a house was overbuilt for the neighborhood, chances are you’ll have a harder time selling it later on.
Not hiring a professional inspector – This can be a very costly mistake. A good home inspector can spot major problems before they happen. Plus, if you write the contract contingent on that inspection, it gives you an out should the problems in the house prove to be more than you want to tackle.
These are just some of the highlights of the article. Always consult a professional Realtor when buying or selling a house. You’ll be glad you did!

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