Portland: Louisville’s Next “It” Neighborhood?

Fancy a stroll? Local entrepreneur and so-called “Maestro of East Market Street” Gill Holland has turned his attention to Louisville’s Portland neighborhood, saying he envisions a “stroll district” cropping up in Portland’s future.

Holland, famous for the Green Building in NuLu, purchased a former school building in Portland in 2013 and revealed plans for a massive investment project to revitalize the historic Louisville neighborhood, saying in an interview with the Leo Magazine that, “I’ve had an interesting time explaining to investors that we’re not looking to make a quick buck, that we’re investing in the future.”

His vision is reminiscent of Bardstown Road, East Market Street, and Frankfurt Avenue: a wanderer’s paradise of shops, cafes, and small businesses.

Other local business-owners have also turned their attention to Portland and the West End, including Karter Louis, owner of Hillbilly Tea. Louis recently decided to open another location of his restaurant in Portland, citing his attachment to West Louisville as one of the reasons for his decision. “There’s an undercurrent happening there,” he said. “I’m rallying everybody. I think it can be golden.”

The home to many historic, pre-Civil War buildings, Portland hosted a thriving working class community at the turn of the 20th century, but the city’s famous 1937 flood and a second high flood in 1945 destroyed portions of the neighborhood and drove many middle class families out of the area. Today, a flood wall protects Portland and its residents from future flooding.

Home prices in Portland are currently some of the lowest in Louisville, but may be on the rise as revitalization efforts take hold. The neighborhood is home to many of the small shotgun houses for which Louisville is known.

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Portland Points of Interest:

The Portland Museum

Tim Faulkner Gallery
1512 Portland Ave
Louisville, KY 40203

The Portland Art & Heritage Fair: Art & Photography Exhibition
Saturday, October 11, 2014
2215 Portland Avenue, Louisville, KY, 40212

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