5 Low and No Cost Ways Homeowners Can Save Money Now

There are lots of tips and tricks for homeowners to save money. Here are a few that cost you little to no money and you don’t need any special skills!

1.  Lower the temperature on your water heater. It doesn’t need to be any higher than about 120 degrees for the average household.

5 Low and No Cost Ways Homeowners Can Save Money Now

2. Seal your doors and windows. Air leaks around your doors and windows are the equivalent of money flying out the window.

3. Lower the blinds. Is the sun shining in your windows in the summertime? Lower the blinds to keep the heat out. In the winter, raise them to let the sun help warm your home.

4. Use your ceiling fans. Most of us have ceiling fans that we don’t use. In the warmer months, turn your fan on low with the airflow directed down. In the cooler months, change the blade direction so the air blows up.

5. Hang up your laundry instead of using the dryer. Clothes dryers take a lot of energy. Cut costs by installing a laundry line or using a drying rack in the laundry room.
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Louisville, Ky

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